Terms and Conditions

Battlefield LIVE Booking Conditions:

No booking is confirmed until a deposit of 30% or more has been paid. Battlefield LIVE will cancel any provisional booking where a deposit has not been paid at least 7 days prior to the event. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that a deposit is paid on time by calling 0800 193 1006/01382 690 820 during open hours, or by calling in person at our premises.

Deposit payments are not refundable unless 2 weeks notice is given, however where a booking is cancelled more than 3 days prior to the booking, we will be happy to re-book the game time at another time.

All participants agree to be bound by game rules set out above, advised at game briefings, on posters at the site and on our web site at www.battlefieldlivedundee.co.uk.

Battlefield LIVE Dundee cannot guarantee to provide games for numbers greater than those booked although where customers do bring additional players we will always try to fulfill customer needs.

Customers may reduce the number of game slots booked up to 48 hours before the booking, subject to minimum required numbers (see 5 below). You must do this by phoning us during business hours.

Where customers do not advise us of reduced numbers at least 48 hours prior to the booking booked slots will be charged for.

Minimum charges.
A minimum charge level equivalent to 8 people for any children's party and 10 people for any Exclusive party will apply.

Parties should arrive in good time for their booking (we suggest that you arrive 15 minutes early). Late arrivals cannot be guaranteed full gaming time.

Both Combat and Skirmish party formats share arena space with other customers.

Café & party Area

The café & Party area at Battlefield LIVE is reserved for the use of customers who may consume onlyfood and drinks purchased on premises. Parties may however bring their own cake should they wish to do so.

Battlefield LIVE Terms & Conditions of Entry:


All players and/or the carers/parents of minors attending Battlefield LIVE Dundee accept the following conditions of entry to Battlefield LIVE Dundee:

Battlefield LIVE Dundee operates a physical combat game entertainment suitable for players of 8 years or more.  Whilst players of age 6+ are allowed, under 8's must be accompanied by at least one  non playing adult.

In order to create the right atmosphere for the game the gaming arena is dimly lit and theatrical smoke effects are used. Players must play with appropriate caution in order to ensure their safety and the safety of other players. All players under the age of 16 are required to wear a safety mask which will be provided. The use of masks is recommended for all other players. Players who suffer from ASTHMA MUST BRING THEIR INHALER WITH THEM. Should they fail to do so, Battlefield LIVE Dundee reserves the right to refuse entry. In such cases no refunds will be offered.

Players must abide by the following game rules:


Maintain a reasonable distance (min. 1.0M) between players.

Exercise appropriate caution in the gaming arena, by moving at appropriate speeds and taking care rounding corners.  No running is allowed.

Use both hands to hold the gaming gun.

Take good care of the equipment provided and take care not to drop or otherwise abuse any part of the equipment.

Pay attention to the game briefing and note the location of fire exits.


Endanger yourself or other players by moving excessively quickly during games.  No running is allowed.

Touch or hit other players

Verbally or otherwise abuse any other player or any member of staff.

Forthside Leisure Ltd t/a Battlefield LIVE Dundee reserves the right to eject any player who fails to observe these rules.

Forthside leisure Ltd t/a Battlefield LIVE Dundee can not be held responsible for injury caused by the failure of any player to observe the above rules.

Web content:

All photographs of minors published on this web site are used with the permission of their parents/guardians secured at the time the photograph was taken.

Privacy Policy:

Forthside Leisure Ltd, T\a Battlefield LIVE Dundee only collects personal information directly from you for the primary purpose of providing quality combat game entertainment or information about our business.

We only use personal information for the following purposes:

To keep you informed of our activities Where the use is required or specifically authorized by law

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